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iGuru Student Information System Software provides best features for students, caretakers, teachers and administration to manage and access key data and important information in an efficient and effective way. It is a user friendly open source student information system, designed to provide centralized data which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The Cloud based Software is easy to use and can provide customized and concise information.

This Student Information Management software not only enables web based or E-learning by providing knowledge and information online, but also helps manage critical student data pertaining to attendance, performance evaluation reports, examination and fee payments alerts and reminders, and other important notifications, making it the best Student Information System.

With its simplicity, ease of operation, efficiency and effectiveness the iGuru Student Information System software is easily the best Student Information Management System in the present market.

Admissions are an important aspect for a school or any educational institution. Handling admissions is critical and requires accurate management and monitoring. The iGuru Student Information System software helps educational institutions to handle admission process, activities and adequate filling of students into classrooms. As it is web based and centralized, all information pertaining to admissions into a particular School or a College can be made available online and different types enquires can be answered. Details regarding different forms, criteria, syllabus/ curriculum, admission process, procedure, pre-conditions for eligibility/qualification, fee structure and modes of payment, documents required and documentation can be made available besides efficient and effective management of the admission process.

Since the controls are always with the admin the procedures are safe and secure making iGuru the best School Admission Management Software around.

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