The iGuru School Management Software is enabled with a Transport Management System which helps handle the critical issue of school transportation with efficiency and ease.

The School Transport Software can manage information such as vehicle numbers, driver identity, and helps handling details such as which vehicle bearing what number has been assigned to who on a day-to-day basis making it safe and secure.

Managing to reach schools and colleges on time, not missing out on crucial tests, examinations, activities and interactions is the most important part of a student’s life. To maintain in good health, have good attendance, evade traffic and pollution and to be able to spare time to spend with friends and loved ones help a student greatly to concentrate and perform well in academics, sports, events and activities throughout student life.

So, to have an organized school and college transport system is always beneficial to both students and the management as it can help to manage and deliver an effective overall academic experience. With a Transport Management System like iGuru many issues relating to transport like managing buses/vehicles, routes, pick-up and drop points, timing, number of students per a vehicle, transportation for special visits or events can be managed efficiently.

Fee structure for transportation, modes of payment, revision or changes in payment, payment history, terms and conditions if any one can be communicated and handled with ease. Since the application is online and web based it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere using even a basic internet application enabled mobile phone. The tracking feature enabled in the software assures safety to parents and caretakers about their ward and responsibility on part of the management.

The Transport Management System is therefore truly a very important and beneficial feature of the iGuru school and college management and administration software.

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