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Payment of School fee is always a serious business. Failing to make fee payments on time may lead to unnecessary complications and displeasure between the student/caretaker and the institute. The iGuru Online fee collection/payment software is designed to enable and maintain a smooth and hassle-free way of making school fee payments.

This Online school fee payment software is very user-friendly and efficient. It generates fee receipts and helps maintain an accurate and up-to-date transaction record. Since it is web based the iGuru online payments app can be easily accessed using even a basic internet application enabled mobile phone. Fee payments can be made from anywhere, at any time.

The iGuru school fee management software is updated and advanced and it will not be an exaggeration to even call it one of the best online fee payment applications in the current day market. The Invoice billing is accurate and efficient. The payments app is further enabled with features for Late Fee notifications in case of non-payments or skipping of fees. Examination fees and other payment related information, reminders and alerts are also enabled to keep the ward and caretaker updated.

It allows for efficient, accurate and effective handling of school accounts and student information such as records of payment transactions, payment history and related data. Salaries of the employed personnel can be tracked and checked anytime besides handling general school accounts and information. College payments, college accounts and related information can be managed with just as much ease and efficiency.

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