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Technology is what drives things and makes our lives easy. Similarly with schools, a lot of investment into time, money and other resources can be predicted and managed through the use of School automation software.

iGuru develops software for schools, taking into account all functions that pertain to school’s day-to-day activities. The school management software has all the functional modules embedded into it, which includes admission, administration, attendance, examinations etc. and helps in managing the routine tasks.

iGuru’s school management software works seamlessly to capture all student, staff and management related data and clusters it to produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The management can pull up any type of report and can have a detailed view of statistics of every operation at any time.

iGuru is among the best school automation softwares in India which offers the most cost-effective and end-to-end solutions. Our School management system is a robust software application which enables school administration and communication with stake holders i.e. parents and staff possible in real time. While several market players provide only LAN based, offline or delayed notification of school information, iGuru’s cloud-based platform connects the app users to real time school information which has 24/7 accessibility to vital information such as attendance, fee, report card etc.

Providing a cost-effective, user-friendly and paperless school management system is at the core of our ethos. We therefore use the best technology at the backend to make sure you spend less time caring for the trivial and routine tasks in running the school and invest your time in providing the best education to your students.

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