Human Resource Management

Human Resources department is considered the backbone of any business, as it deals with day to day operations from the ground level. It’s the department that manages the workforce of any institution, pays them and takes care of their development and wellbeing.

When it comes to the school HR management, the challenges are many, and the same could be addressed through planning and automating the daily business routine to make better business decisions.

iGuru Hr Software for Schools is a sophisticated HR Management & Payroll Software which automates work flows covering all aspects of HR.

The HRMS Software integrates with the leave management system and Payroll Management Software to track salary payment to the staff. In addition to HR software, iGuru offers managed payroll service for Schools.

The iGuru HRMS is an efficient tool for HR record keeping. The software keeps records of all employees from joining to termination. It also tracks all HR related payments and expenditure of all branches and records them for management purposes.

The HRM software does exceptionally well in management reporting by allowing the user to view reports related to leaves, attendance, transportation and other HR related services within few clicks. It produces timely reports for the management to check the employees’ performance against the set standards of the organization, track student progress, set policies and procedures and to perform HR audit.

iGuru is the best HR management software that automates end to end HR operations taking the role of a virtual HR manager in assisting with the daily activities of your organization.

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