Reports & Results Management System

The iGuru Reports and Results management software is a smart way of sharing and gauging student results and performance. It can effectively end the age of report cards and report sheets, thereby helping saving trees and the planet.

This School Reporting software helps to view and manage reports and results at your convenience on your mobile phone and reduces the gap of delivering performance status and results of the students to their parents and caretakers on a regular basis. The whole process will be diligent and secure as the data control is handled only by admin.

It enables customization of the performance reports and can generate automatic analysis of the student’s performance, attendance and progress through different stages of the year through course of the year. As the performance results of the student can be saved in a cloud it is easy to track and analyze his/her progress for the calendar year. With its advanced features this application enables for effective analysis and predictions can be drawn and a lot of questions pertaining to aspects such as, when did the student perform well, in which discipline or subject he/she is strong, when did the student start improving. This kind of information when combined with the student’s attendance and such factors will help the teachers, management and the caretakers understand and guide him/her effectively towards improving their performance and achieve desired results.

As there are many students in a group customized progress reports/results and certificates can be sent to parents and caretakers individually on their apps. Automatic calculation of marks sheets ensures swift and effective analysis of data and key predictions. With this School Results and Reports software students cannot mock their parents and caretakers through manipulation of report cards, thus making it a very effective device that fits their requirements almost perfectly.

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