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Today, smartphones are considered to be the true digital interfaces for direct and easy engagement. The software applications are used for a wide variety of tasks not only for their simplicity and efficacy but also for their cost-effectiveness.

iGuru leverages the power of digital technology to enable free and extensive communication between the stake holders of the school, i.e. parents, students and the staff. Our Free Sms School Management System uses digital platform to send all notifications. The iGuru Notifications module is the one place where all the communication between the users is stored. iGuru uses extensive in-app communication to inform the stakeholders, of any important issue. All notifications are sent via sms and email through School app for Smartphone to parents who can in turn respond through the same medium completely free of cost. All communication send/received via the iGuru school app is viable, reliable and totally free of cost.

Parents need not wait for school administrators or their children to know what’s happening at the school. iGuru’s SMS Alert System for Schools sends instant notifications about the latest happenings.

Furthermore, the school sms software sends sms & email to parents informing them about their child’s attendance, holidays, fee payment reminders and other notifications. The School Software Notifications are sent through the iGuru School app for Android users or iPhone App for School.

The school smartphone app is convenient at best and can be used by the administrator to send pre-planned alerts to the stakeholders to inform them of any critical issue that needs immediate action by the receiver. Since all communication is forwarded through push/instant method to the predefined members, there is again no need use separate methods for e-mail and sms.

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