ID Cards, Badges And Uniform

Every school bears its own identity through student material which it issues at the start of every academic year. The ID Cards, Badges, Uniform and other similar accessories together convey a positive note, both to the students and also to the onlookers.

Assigning ID cards and badges need not be a onetime thing in an academic year nor does it have to involve a lengthy process. The iGuru school administration software integrates both student and staff data and automates the process of generating School Id Cards and Id Badges.

Since there is a tendency of students misplacing their ID cards we create E-identity cards and badges which are lot less likely to be stolen or misplaced. Because the schools IDs are synchronized with the attendance and location access modules, we at iGuru have taken extra care of this issue by providing a quick and easy ID generation process. The school administrator has all the details about every student electronically recorded on the system and can auto-generate ID Cards and badges whenever the need be.

iGuru ID Card Designer Module allows users to create attractive and professional identification cards for both students and staffs in no time.

Apart from Student School Id Cards, iGuru also provides school uniform to the students. We have a wide variety of choices in color, pattern and design for you to choose from for your school.

The ID Cards, Badges and Uniform are completely custom made and come printed with your school logo. The ID generator tool offers several preset patterns and can be easily altered to suit your needs.

At iGuru, we aim to provide end-to-end solutions to schools and educational institutions right from admission forms to student progress reports and everything in between, including generating ID Cards and Badges and delivering student uniforms.

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