Automation and Communication Platform

Elevate and simplify your educational institution's operations with our automation and communication platform, crafted to enrich the educational journey for students, empower educators, and provide administrators with unrivaled efficiency.

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Customization and Integration

We offer a tailored approach to help you shape your ERP solution exactly as you need, ensuring they integrate smoothly with your existing systems and applications

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Data Analytics and Reporting

Enable administrators to make informed decisions by providing insights and visualizations on student performance, attendance, and overall school operations.

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Revolutionizing Education
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Range of Services

Streamline your school's operations with iGuru, the leading school management software in India that comes with mobile apps for students, parents, teachers and management.

Admission Management

Streamline admission with online forms, document management, tracking, interviews, customizable admission settings and criteria, and Automated notification and communication with applicants,

Exam Management

Efficient exam scheduling, paper creation, result management, and Customizable exam reports and analytics,

Fee Management

Automate fee collection, invoicing, reminders, and reporting for efficient financial management in education,

Library Management

Effortless library catalog, book management and tracking, overdue reminders, and inventory control for efficient library operations,

Timetable Management

User-friendly class schedules, auto-assignment of teachers and classrooms, real-time conflict resolution, easy viewing, and seamless integration for efficient school management,

Hostel Management

Efficient room allocation, meal tracking, inventory control, and customizable analytics for streamlined hostel management,

Attendance Management

Track attendance in real-time, manage absence requests, automate notifications, and generate customizable reports for effective school attendance management,

Student Info Management

Manage student enrollment, profiles creation, academic records, attendance, and health data for comprehensive student information management,

Transport Management

Optimize student transport with route planning, driver tracking, vehicle maintenance, and customizable analytics for efficient school transportation,

Events and Gallery

Create and manage events, organize galleries, and customize settings for seamless event management,

Digital Permission Slip

Create digital permission forms, manage approvals, and ensure safety with dual monitoring of visitors for student outings,

Notice Board

Easily create and manage announcements with customizable settings and scheduled broadcasting for effective school communication,

Teacher App

Empower teachers with streamlined processes, attendance tracking & communication, and resources for enhanced classroom management and student engagement,

Parent App

Parents stay connected and up-to-date on their child's progress in school access attendance, grades, assignments, announcements, and communicate with ease for active parental involvement,

Admin App

All-in-one solution for school administrators Manage admissions, student records, finances, and communication with advanced analytics for informed decision-making,

Chairman App

Chairman uses a mobile app for seamless communication, attendance tracking, event showcases, profile management, and efficient school oversight,

Online Assessments

Conduct diverse assessments with instant feedback, easy tracking, and efficient student interface for enhanced learning evaluation,

Online Exam

Secure online exams with various question types, instant feedback, and detailed reports for efficient assessment and student progress tracking,


Enhance learning with diverse, interactive worksheets, customizable for individual needs, fostering critical thinking and enabling progress tracking,

Class Notes

Enables educational institutions to manage student admissions, including registration,

Website Designing

Designing engaging school websites Customizable, responsive, and integrated for effective communication and elevated digital presence,

Dynamic Content

Empowering personalized learning: Tailored content, student progress, and individualized education for academic success,

Content Management

Efficient content management Streamlined grading, event communication, analytics, and seamless integration for an optimized educational experience,

ID Cards

Effortless student ID creation: Personalized, secure cards for identification, library access, and attendance tracking, ensuring campus security,

Payment Gateway

We seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways, facilitating secure online payments for schools and colleges from parents and students. Our integration supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.


We offer biometric integration, enabling schools to leverage fingerprint or other biometric data for attendance tracking, access control, and other security measures. Our integration ensures enhanced security, accuracy and efficiency, empowering clients to manage their institutions with confidence and ease.

Bus Tracking

Our innovative features, such as route planning, vehicle tracking, and real-time monitoring, enhance the efficiency of transport operations, ensuring student safety and on-time arrival.


We Offer institutions to send real-time notifications and alerts to parents and students. Our integration streamlines attendance tracking and monitoring, enhancing communication between the institution and its stakeholders, and facilitating effective management of administrative operations.


enables efficient, direct messaging, enhancing school-parent-staff communication & coordination,

Tally Integration

We offer Tally integration, streamlining the financial management operations of schools and colleges. Our integration ensures seamless data transfer between the two systems, enhancing efficiency and accuracy, and empowering clients to manage their finances with ease.

Most advanced and User Friendly Management Software

iGuru is the most advanced and user-friendly ERP software designed for educational institutions. It comes with a range of modules that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each institution. The software's user-friendly interface and customizable architecture make it easy for teachers, administrators, parents, and students to navigate and use the software. It automates administrative tasks, improves communication, and enhances the learning experience for students.

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Discover How We've Helped Our Clients

OP Sharma

Admin Head - Delhi Public School, Vindhyanagar

Our experience with the iGuru has been nothing short of exceptional. As a school admin, this software has made our administrative tasks incredibly easy and efficient. From managing student records and attendance to communicating with parents, the platform's user-friendly interface and seamless integration have saved us valuable time and resources.

Shaharyar Khan Jha

ERP Head - Sunbeam College, Varuna

iGuru transformed our college. Effortless administrative tasks, from student records to attendance. User-friendly interface enhances our focus on student learning.

AVN Reddy

Chairman - Dilsukhnagar Public School, Hyderabad

"As Chairman, I'm delighted with iGuru. It streamlines administrative tasks, from enrollment to staff management, with a user-friendly interface. Highly recommended for enhanced efficiency in day-to-day school management."

Our Education Partners

  • St. Xavier School

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Frequently Asked Questions

iGuru School Management Software is a comprehensive platform designed to automate and streamline daily academic and administrative activities in educational institutes. It provides a centralized database to store all relevant data, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions. With features like admission management, student attendance tracking, fee payment management, timetable scheduling, parent communication, examination management, payroll, and online learning, this software helps improve productivity and efficiency in educational institutions.

Yes, Our School Management Software can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your educational institution.

It can help your institution by simplifying administrative tasks, streamlining operations, enhancing the learning experience, and improving outcomes. Our software is designed to be easy to use, scalable, and customizable to meet your institution's unique needs.

It includes a range of features to help you manage your institution, including student information management, e-learning capabilities, fee management, inventory management, HR management, and more. Our platform is also mobile-responsive and includes a dedicated chairman login for real-time access to critical data.

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