Transportation Management

Manage school transport operations more efficiently and safely.

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Why Use Transportation Management?

  • 1 Manage transportation, including planning and management of routes, and assigning drivers and vehicles
  • 2 Accurate estimated arrival times for student pickups and drop-offs with real time tracking
  • 3 Maintains driver records, including licenses, certifications, and training documentation
  • 4 Monitor vehicle maintenance and repair schedules, ensuring the safety and reliability of their transportation
  • 5 Aids in streamlining school transportation logistics, leading to more organized and efficient operations

Key Features of Transportation Management

  • 1 Helps schools to plan and manage the transportation routes for students and optimize their transport services
  • 2 Enables schools to manage their drivers' schedules and monitor their compliance with safety regulations
  • 3 Schedule regular maintenance inspections for their vehicles and generate maintenance reports
  • 4 Provides schools with customizable reports and analytics to monitor the performance of their transport services
  • 5 Provides customizable transport analytics to improve the accuracy and transparency of their transport reporting

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