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iGuru connects students, parents, teachers, and school management, enabling faster communication within the educational ecosystem.

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Why iGuru Mobile App?

A school mobile app can enhance the educational experience via improved communication among administrators, teachers, students, and parents. It enables immediate updates and announcements regarding school events directly to users' devices. Easy access to key data such as academic calendars, grade reports, online payments, digital library, and homework enhances information accessibility from anywhere at any time.

App Modules


Tracks real-time student attendance, manages absence requests, and sends automated alerts.

Bus Tracking

Offers real-time tracking of school buses, ensuring the safety of students and providing peace of mind for parents.

Exam Management

Simplifies exam scheduling, grading, result publication, and offers reports for tracking progress.

E- Learning

Integrates assessments, exams, worksheets, and class notes, enabling real-time feedback, and collaboration.

Time Table

Eases scheduling of classes, teachers, rooms, and enables easy online access for students and parents.

Events and Gallery

Create, manage, and promote varied events, while providing a media gallery to share and cherish memories.

Fee Management

Streamlines finance operations with invoice generation, payment tracking, and customizable collection processes.


Centralizes student data—personal details, academic records, and attendance—enhancing tracking and monitoring.


Facilitates two-way communication for valuable insights, improving teaching and enhancing student experience.

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