Digital Permission Slip

Manage permissions for taking students out of school during school hours more efficiently and safely.

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Why Use Digital Permission Slip?

  • 1 Offers parents a user-friendly digital form to request permission for their child's absence during school hours
  • 2 Eliminates the need for paper forms and manual processing, streamlining the request process
  • 3 Provides school administrators with an intuitive platform to review, approve, or deny these permission requests
  • 4 Upon approval of a request, the system auto-generates notifications to the relevant teachers and staff
  • 5 automated notification ensures a smooth and organized process for managing the child's absence from school

Key Features of Digital Permission Slip

  • 1 Allows schools to create digital permission forms for students to be taken out of school during school hours
  • 2 Provides a way for schools to manage and approve the digital permission forms submitted by parents or guardians
  • 3 Allows staff members to monitor and approve visitors who are taking students out of school during school hours
  • 4 Accountability and transparency in student absences by recording all permission slip requests and approvals
  • 5 Automates the permission slip process and reducing the need for manual paperwork

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