Create and manage student academic schedules more efficiently and greater accuracy in attendance tracking and reporting.

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Why Use Timetable Management?

  • 1 Allows schools to efficiently manage and organize their academic schedules
  • 2 Enables schools to quickly create and modify class schedules with ease
  • 3 Automatic assignment and conflict management features minimize scheduling errors and conflicts
  • 4 Facilitates communication and coordination between teachers and staff, for a streamlined scheduling process
  • 5 Ensures accurate tracking and reporting of student attendance when combine with attendance module

Key Features of Timetable Management

  • 1 User-friendly interface to create and customize class schedules according to school requirements
  • 2 Automatically assign teachers and classrooms based on predefined rules and available resources
  • 3 Easily manage schedule changes and conflicts in real-time to minimize disruptions and ensure smooth operations
  • 4 View and print the timetable for easy reference and distribution to staff, students, and parents
  • 5 Seamlessly integrate with other modules to ensure accurate and efficient management of school operations

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