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Why Use Student Info Management?

  • 1 Retrieve student records for informed decision-making and prompt issue resolution
  • 2 Keep data up-to-date and secure with authentication, access controls, and encryption
  • 3 Streamline management of records and attendance for accurate and real-time insights into student performance
  • 4 Enhance communication with automated messages and alerts to promote engagement with parents
  • 5 Create a stream of communication between students, staff, and parents to keep stakeholders engaged

Key Features of Student Info Management

  • 1 Manage the admission process and student registration with unparalleled customization options
  • 2 Create and manage student profiles with personal details, emergency contacts, and other relevant information
  • 3 Manage and maintain student academic records such as grades, transcripts, and certificates
  • 4 Track and manage student attendance records with automation integrated
  • 5 Store student medical history and health records securely within our datacenters

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