Manage school-wide announcements and notifications more efficiently and effectively.

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Why Use Notice Board?

  • 1 Provides a centralized platform for creating and broadcasting announcements to the school community
  • 2 Improves transparency regarding upcoming activities and events, making it easier for planning and participation
  • 3 Streamlines the process of creating, scheduling, and broadcasting notices
  • 4 Reduces the workload for school administrators and improving their efficiency.
  • 5 Improve communication between staff, students, and parents/guardians, so everyone stays informed

Key Features of Notice Board

  • 1 Allows schools to create and manage announcements easily
  • 2 Broadcast notifications to staff, students, and parents/guardians
  • 3 Publish notices in diverse formats including text, images, and videos
  • 4 Distribute notices through various channels such as email, SMS, and social media
  • 5 Schedule the notice to be displayed at a specific date and time

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