Manage examination operations more efficiently and effectively.

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Why Use Examination Management?

  • 1 Streamline the entire examination process, making it easier to manage and organize exams
  • 2 Ensures that exam results are accurate and transparent, and can be easily shared with students and parents
  • 3 Automates many tasks involved in the examination process, reducing the workload for teachers
  • 4 Generates customizable reports and analytics, providing accurate and transparent data for decision-making
  • 5 Offers features for results publication, reporting, and customizable analytics, providing a comprehensive insight

Key Features of Examination Management

  • 1 Create and manage exam schedules, including setting dates and times for each exam and assigning exam rooms
  • 2 Enter marks manually or through automated processes like scanning and optical character recognition
  • 3 Calculate and manage exam results and publish results securely and easily
  • 4 Customize reporting tools and analytics that enable schools to generate a wide range of reports
  • 5 Use features such as performance, comparative, and trend analyses, all of which can be customized

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