Advanced Technology to automate your institution

iGuru allows you to automate your school’s day-to-day activities. It is Paperless, 100% Secured, User Friendly, Accurate, and Affordable.
iGuru Portal makes communication easy between teachers, staff, students, and parents.

Why iGuru is an All-in-One Solution

  • Mobile Apps Android & iPhone
  • App Notifications
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Send automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones
  • Track bus from parent mobile app
  • Teacher Mobile App
  • Smart Attendance
  • Separate login IDs
  • Paperless Administration
  • Track Bus Route without any additional hardware
  • Online testing
  • Upload Event Photos
  • Gallery inside App
  • Exams info
  • Get push notifications with grades and attendance
  • Auto Grade Conversion
  • E-Learning
  • School Messenger
  • Online/Offline Grades Submission
  • User-Friendly web application & Apps
  • Manage Student Attendance
  • Manage Student Applications
  • Provide ID Cards
  • Progress reports
  • Automatic Timetable
  • Library Management
  • Biometric Integration
  • Email accounts and Integration
  • Analyze Student Performance
  • View all of your children in one parent account
  • Hostel Management system
  • Custom Reports
  • Easy Migration of data
  • Admissions Management
  • Multiple fee accounts
  • Custom time table
  • Employee login
  • Maintain Records to current
  • Hassle-Free Report Card Printing
  • Student and Staff Attendance in seconds
  • School Fee Management
  • Free static website
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Web-based Application
  • Inventory Management
  • Transport Management
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing
  • See real time updates on any device
  • Data back-ups
  • Reduces Work Load on Administration
  • HR & Payroll
  • Staff Salaries
  • Staff Leave Management
  • Online Help
  • On-Site Support & Training
  • Over 1400 customized school Apps
  • Data Security
  • Access and work from anywhere
  • Phone Support 24x7


We provide services for your schools to deliver all the features available in one iGuru portal,
user-friendly screens, no need to train your staff. All features are included. No need to go for third party services.

School Automation

We automate your school daily activities like Admissions, Attendance, Reports, Results, etc., to maintain 99% paperless processing in your organization.


Learn from LKG to 12th standard, gives you robust and advanced learning skills through an online portal with international standards.

SMS / App Notifications

iGuru allows you to communicate with the students, parents, and teachers of the school. Parents can view Attendance and Reports from our iGuru Mobile App.

ID Cards, Badges and Uniform

iGuru allows you to automate the process of generating ID Cards for all students and staff members. We also provide Uniform.

Mobile App

iGuru Android and iPhone App allows you to manage your student activities, attendance, SMS and reports through a simple login.

Online Payments

iGuru provides third party secured online payment gateway to pay school fee, issuing fee receipts through highly secured transactions.

Human Resource Management

iGuru allows you to manage all the information related to holidays, leaves, events, careers and appointments.

Reports & Results

iGuru allows you to get reports of Student, Staff, Fee Reports, Exam Reports, Library Reports and other admin related reports by date range or by person.

Study Material

iGuru provides you all study materials online. You can view or search by your subject. We provide all the information related to your subjects.


How it works?

Send a Request

Register with your School/College details and our customer care will get back to you.

Signup the Agreement

If you are interested to use iGuru, Our Marketing person will assist you to sign up the agreement.

Get User ID/Passowrd

iGuru Customer Care will call you and send you the UserID and Password you can upload your school data to get access all the features in your login.



iGuru provides all features to organize your institution. iGuru’s advanced technology is easy and user friendly.
iGuru assures that your DATA is 100% secured and encrypted. We do not share your DATA with anyone.


Allows you to manage Student Admissions, ID Cards, Staff, Inquiry and Transportation, etc.


Allows you to fill in the attendance in class using online manual data entry or Android Mobile App.


Allows you to generate reports like Student Academics, Staff, Fee, Exam Results and Library Reports.


Allows you to send report cards, attendance to parents directly and communicate with the parents.



No worry about data loss “it’s on cloud” and end to end encryption, User Friendly Interface.

  • Paperless, Secured, Easy, Fast and Accurate
  • Communication easy between teachers, staff, parents and students.

We have the right Pricing for you!!

iGuru has already proved the success by providing quality product at fair prices. Learn your business and compare the requirements with our plans.
Be your dictator, by choosing the right plan that works for you. We never decode any secret pricing against your options. So go ahead and plan your academic management future with us!

Prices are chargeable @ Per Student Per Year
Min 200 Strength
Most Popular
Min 200 Strength

Software & Mobile Apps

12/- Per Student P/M 16/- Per Student P/M
Enquiry, Administration, Assignments, Attendance, Timetable, Fee, Events, Certificates, Gallery, Holidays, Notifications, Regular Exam Module and Transportation
OMR/Online Exams, Accounts and Salaries
Transportation Live Tracking
Customized Mobile App with School/College Name, Logo in (Android/iOS) App Store
Voice Calling, Live Chat, Online Payment Gateway on App
iGuru App (Android / iOS)


1000 to 50,000 SMS (Transactional) 0.15/- Paise per SMS 0.15/- Paise per SMS
Above 50,000 SMS (Transactional) 0.14/- Paise per SMS 0.14/- Paise per SMS

ID Cards

Single Color Lanyards and ID Cards 35/- Or 35/- Or
Multicolor Lanyards and ID Cards 60/- 60/-
Tax GST 18% on PO GST 18% on PO
Join Gold Join Platinum


About Us

We develop technology to give best education for learners, from children to teachers.

iGuru has the capability to handle new responsibilities in the role of providing services for your organization to maintain your day-to-day activities highly accurately. Our goal is to keep all schools and colleges in one portal, to use interoperability.

  • Administration
  • Attendance
  • Accounting
  • Library
  • SMS & Mail
  • Reports
  • Human Resource
  • Events
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